I’m Jamie, and welcome to my little nook on the big internet where I document my passions for cooking, photography, and traveling, amongst other things. I am from Chicago, but I’m now living in beautiful San Diego!

I created this blog after reading countless incredible food blogs (see blogroll on right side). It serves as an outlet for the creativity and sometimes craziness that boils up in my head. Plus, I want to document my life moment my moment, photo by photo…because we all know how fast time goes!

In everything I do, I try to achieve a balance. A little of this, a little of that, always trying new things. I strive to live in moderation, and savor every moment.

A lot of this blog focuses on cooking and baking. I am a vegetarian, and much of what I eat is based on the idea of sustainability and consciousness.  I believe in using fresh and when possible, organic ingredients to make well balanced meals. I try to mix it up to keep things interesting, using what’s in season, and always keeping a budget in mind. I truly believe you can eat nutritiously and deliciously without spending too much money.

Like I said, achieving balance is key. It’s not always easy, but I think it’s always possible. Living an active lifestyle, eating right, and having a positive outlook is what it’s all about. These things we can control. If we can do these things, everything else seems just a bit more doable. We can enjoy the journey, and stop anticipating the destination. We can explore our passions, and feel free to step out of our comfort zones for a while. But still return to balanced in the end.

So, welcome! Browse and enjoy.


One Response to jamie

  1. Susie Small says:

    love your recipies! going to make frozen banana ice cream and vegetable chili!!!!! yummmmy

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