FoodBuzz 24×24: Coffee Roasting and a Mediterranean Dairy Breakfast

This post and this meal are dedicated to my dad, who has for as long as I can remember had a passion for cooking, and has in so many ways inspired my passion as well…And also, to coffee. Because my dad and I both love good coffee!For this month’s FoodBuzz 24×24 challenge I came up with the idea to roast my own coffee, grind it, and make the (fingers crossed!) **best** cup of coffee I’ve ever had. Since I’d be home in Chicago for the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought it’d be only appropriate to share this experience with my dad.

We both did some reading on roasting coffee- and my dad went during the week to a local coffee roaster to pick up some green coffee beans- raw, unroasted.

After talking about some different rules/techniques/methods we had both come across, we decided a deep sided cast iron skillet would be best, over high heat, stirring and shaking the whole time, uncovered.So, we turned on the exhaust fan, opened the windows, and got started.We took turns shaking and stirring the beans, constantly, for about 20 minutes. We heard crackling and saw a lot of steam. The beans’ color changed quickly!To see if they were done, my friend suggested that we keep a roasted bean close by for comparison. And right before it looks like that, removed from heat, pour into a colander, and agitate/shake outside to cool quickly, allowing any flakes to fly away.
While we’d get the rest of the breakfast ready, we let the beans sit by the windowsill, to cool further. As they sat, their stereotypical coffee smell came out stronger and stronger!Next up, my dad juiced a bunch of oranges for orange juice.And me? The night before I had taken some yogurt and strained it through a cheesecloth to make “greek” yogurt. I like that thick, rich texture, but— Greek yogurt is so much more expensive, and this looked easy enough!It worked so well- check out all that moisture that came out!Mmm thick, tangy yogurt. The perfect blank canvas to so many topping options…Like, this pomegranate. My mom had never taken apart one of these, so I taught her how.Cut it, break it open…And stick it in a bowl of water. break apart those beautiful, ruby red gems. They will sink, and the pomegranate skins/peels will float. See?Next up for this Mediterranean Dairy Breakfast: Homemade lavash crackers. The recipe was Alton Brown’s. It was an egg, water, butter mixture, combined with flour, salt, and sugar…Kneaded then set in a bowl to rest for 1/2 hour…After that, it was rolled out… then brushed with egg wash then sprinkled with sesame and poppy seeds- salt and pepper (we did butter at first, but the seeds didn’t stick!)I really liked the flavor of this- but the crunchiness needed work. By the third flatbread, we had it right.
And finally, we made espresso with our very freshly roasted beans!It was so strong, so flavorful- noticeably fresher. I was SO proud of us! We did it so well on our first attempt!Here’s what the progression looks like: raw beans to roasted beans to grounds!And breakfast was served.A cheese platter with pears, fig spread, pistachios, pomegranates, yogurt, gorgonzola cheese,  and some honey.My plate was that bowl of yogurt with pomegranate seeds, pistachios, and honey. Then some lavash with gorgonzola and fig spread, then one with yogurt, honey, and pear.
It was such a fun breakfast, and I love that FoodBuzz inspires these challenging meals. Roasting my own coffee beans can now be checked off of my culinary bucket list.

And thanks, mom and dad, for sharing this meal with me 🙂

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2 Responses to FoodBuzz 24×24: Coffee Roasting and a Mediterranean Dairy Breakfast

  1. Joe says:

    Wow.. looks like a lot of hard work put into it but the result looks excellent!

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