Congratulations, Gingerbread and Biscotti!

Did you hear the news? Gingerbread and Biscotti got MARRIED! And… wait wait— it gets juicier… They had a baby together!

And it’s about time!

Gingerbread biscotti. All the best features of both of them came out in their little bundle of joy. The crunchiness of biscotti, the warmth of gingerbread. He loves to be dunked in coffee, and he is perfect to bring to holiday dinners! What a delight!

And what’s more, he’s chalk full of apricots and almonds…yea, he’s a little nutty- and fruity too. He’s very well rounded!

I brought these home for my family, all the way from San Diego to Chicago. I figured they’d hold up well in transit- and they’re a little something different than the typical pie scene.

I used THIS RECIPE. And I fully suggest this to anyone who thinks this sounds good. Biscotti are so easy- but they do take a while. They are baked twice (that’s what biscotti means!)- so, just prepare for that…

Anyway, congratulations, Gingerbread and Biscotti. And thank you for your wonderful gift to this world!

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