Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Sunday was Friendsgiving. Even in between, it’s a week of eating, no doubt. And of love. And of games.

Mostly, it’s a week of celebrating those we are most thankful for in our lives- be it friends, family, coworkers…chickens…and even cats…sometimes…

But this post isn’t about cats, or chickens, or even coworkers… it’s about friends. Friends that more often than not feel like family.

I am thankful for my friends. Because my friends care about each other, and we make each other laugh. And we build chicken coops and we go on fun hikes and they teach me to rock climb. And we carve pumpkins and volunteer on farms and gather honey. But mostly, we cook together. And every time, we create delicious feasts… This Friendsgiving was no exception.

You know a true friend when they will help you core onions, even if it means tears, and burning, stinging eyes.
And friends are always good for hugs!And when a Thanksgiving meal must come together in little time, in a tiny space, you will end up making new friends.

Here’s some pictures from the evening…

Fresh ground spices mulled into Chai Tea!Sitting around a fire, playing games, drinking hot chai tea. Mmm…Soon it was time to massage the turkey with butter, and stuff it with citrus.
How the vegetarian of the group got involved so intimately with the turkey is beyond me.Yes, I did make a giblet gravy with the turkey innards. That happened.

Hat swap.And…the moment of truth…
The TURKEY!Carving was a joint effort.And the meal was served.

Quinoa and butternut squash stuffed onions, cranberry sauce, turkey…Turkey, gravy, green bean casserole, browned butter mashed potatoes…And all the way to the right…stuffing. Ahh stuffing. Sourdough mushroom stuffing how I love you so!
And without hesitation, we dug in…
And after the onset of the food coma set in, the guitar came out…Followed too closely by dessert…Berry cobbler, apple pie, and vanilla ice cream…And the sluggishness ensued… There was not a lack of hugs…
Just the way it should be…Happy Friendsgiving 2011! Cheers!

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