French Toast is for Weekends

Some foods scream WEEKENDS.

And before you start telling me I’m crazy because not only am I talking to my food, but now my food is screaming back to me… Let me explain.

Pancakes, Waffles, French toast… These are brunch foods. Weekend foods. Not many of us are so lucky to eat these things all week long. So, at least to me, these foods say relax, and slow down. They are to be enjoyed in good company, with good coffee. And good maple syrup, but that’s another story.

Saturday morning Heather demanded french toast. No really, she literally demanded- told me she wouldn’t eat unless it was french toast. So, I had no choice but to make french toast. We walked down to the grocery store, grabbed some ingredients, and got to cooking.
Everyone has their own recipe- mine is nothing special at all. A “custard” of eggs, milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I like a hawaiian bread or a challah. And I fry in a bit of olive oil and some butter. Topped with maple syrup and more butter, and some banana slices, for good measure 🙂Saturday breakfast is served!
A good time to plan the day, enjoy our meal, and catch up with good friends… hi Matt!
Thank god coffe isn’t just for weekends… Let’s be honest. Coffee is a necessity for daily living, if you ask me. But you know what is for weekends? Coffee in a mug. Because all week I drink coffee in my thermous, but there is sometimes nothing as satisfying as holding a hot mug of coffee, while intermittently taking bites of your french toast.

Ahh weekend meals. You are always so appreciated!

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3 Responses to French Toast is for Weekends

  1. ooh yummy. nothing beats homemade french toast in the morning 🙂

  2. Matt Zohn says:

    Breakfast of champions! Only way we absolutely owned Iron Mountain!

  3. jamela224 says:

    Iron Mountain! I will post pics from that soon 🙂

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