Three Sisters Falls

Hello! Happy Thursday. Almost the weekend. Who’s pumped? I am! I have a friend coming to visit, and I cannot wait!!!!!

I thought that this may be a nice time to show you some beautiful images of last weekend’s hike. Since most of us are trapped inside right now, at work, starting at screens, it only seems appropriate. Am I right or am I right?

Not nice, I know. But hey, I’m inside too, at my desk, daydreaming about last Sunday… so, won’t you join me?

So a few friends and I set out on a nice Sunday hike to Three Sisters Falls. It was my first time doing this hike- and I have only heard great things about it.

Wait, I take that back. I have heard that many people have died here recently. So, that is scary. But, anyway, we did it anyway. We just were very careful.

See above that inkling of shimmering water right in the middle? That was our goal. The falls.

It was a perfect day, blue skys, fluffy clouds…  the day after a rainy day always makes for especially vibrant colors.

The smell of white sage provided a nice undertone to the notably fresh air. (It is always notable, isn’t it? You don’t realize how un-fresh the air is that we breath regularly until you get away from it all…)
So, this hike was not just any ordinary hike I’ve been on before. There was not a defined path the entire way. It was more of a scoping-out trial-and-error type of hike, discovering the most promising trail to take us to the falls. Also, we didn’t just walk. No, we were on all fours for about half of the journey. Climbing and crawling and jumping and traversing. Awesomeness.The first third or so of the hike was pretty downhill into the waterfall. Steep. I almost fell like 52 times, but I didn’t. There is still traction left on my hiking boots after all.

Once we got down, the scenery went from pretty to… breathtaking!
The whole time we climbed and squeezed through small areas, we had to be careful to avoid the poison oak. Of course, poison oak has to be so beautiful, asking “touch me touch me”. Sneaky little things. Luckily, we are all in the clear… I have been told it is not pleasant to experience.🙂 Love this one of Heather and Jenna on the “couch” they found.I do not know this guy below, but his expression says it all. “Thank you, thank you for this beautiful day. This is wonderful! I cannot believe this! I am lucky to be alive!” Mm hmm, that is exactly what he was thinking, I’m sure.Some guy in a wet suit was sliding down the falls into the “punch bowl”- looked like fun. All I could do was watch the falls flow, and try to figure out how to get that blurry photo effect. Fail. We sat down for a nice lunch courtesy of People’s and played with all the dogs around us. Actually, we were hiding our sandwiches from them, and feeding them dried jerky and mango. One of the dogs actually slipped into the falls and he was too scared to come back up! Poor pup.The way back up was incredibly steep, and this is where acting like a bear and crawling on all fours came in handy. It’s fun to be a bear! When we were approaching Jerry, my Jeep, at the trail head, a storm was brewing in the mountains. We got out just in time, but I was able to get some nice shots…We finished the day at Alpine Brewing Co.- where we sampled a lot of seriously delicious beers and shared a basket of beer battered cheese fries. I highly recommend this to anyone in San Diego coming back from a hike- it is right off the 8 in Alpine- the atmosphere was great, along with the brews- and it was a perfect end to this Sunday!

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4 Responses to Three Sisters Falls

  1. Cameron says:

    Awesome entry Jamie! This is one of my favorite hikes in the San Diego area. I’m glad you got to experience is on what looks like a beautiful day!

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