Sunset Cliffs

I don’t know how I’ve never posted about the cliffs before.

I think every time I go there I forget my camera. It’s usually a spur of the moment decision while running errands in town or finishing a yoga class.

Sunset Cliffs is this beautiful area near my house- just a couple miles away, if that. It is my roommate’s favorite place to surf, and I can see why.

The first time I went to the cliffs was on a bike ride with some guys I met at a bike shop- where once we got to the cliffs, after riding 15 some miles, we carried our bikes down to watch the sunset. I was fatigued (I’m so used to flat Chicago biking. I learned quickly why gears exist, and how to use them) so I really appreciated sitting down and watching the sunset with a cold beer in my hand. I love how the cliffs  light up all orange as the sun sinks lower and lower to the horizon, all the layers highlighted a different shade. Beautiful, the way they’ve eroded. The cliffs quickly became my new favorite sunset spot- and I guess I’m not alone, judging by their name.

The second time I visited was to watch the fireworks on the fourth of July. Heather, Brian and I walked along what should only be called the “scenic route”- because I really do not think it was made for walking, just looking. It was pitch dark, and actually to this day I’m not exactly sure where we were. All I know is we were hopping from rock to rock, rubbing up against the cliffs’ walls- me in my Sperrys- not ideal hiking shoes- and just wondering where we were headed. With Heather, it’s always an adventure. I ended up slipping and scraping my my leg- the red blood streamed down my shin, completing the “red” portion of my already blue and white outfit. It was well worth the subtle sting when the show started, the fireworks’ colors reflecting into the ocean, the waves crashing at our sides…

Since I moved to Ocean Beach, I come to the cliffs often, to reflect, to watch sunsets, to walk along. It has easily become one of my favorite places here in San Diego.

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