Tea Talk: Bleu Cheese and Being Brave

Let’s talk for a minute.

Get ready for the most random, most pointless, most nonsensical post I’ve ever written.

Go grab some tea, and sit down across from me.

Hi! How are you?

Well, I don’t have much to say, truth be told. So, I thought we could talk tea quotes. Like this one.

“Fortune Favors the Brave”

Are you brave? I try to be brave. I try to say yes even when I want to say no and feel uneasy- I try to be brave when meeting new people, when trying new things… when trying new foods especially.

Because, you know what is cool about trying new foods? Let me tell you a story.

So, I used to hate bleu cheese. Like really, really hate it. Tasted like poison. Honestly, it was so terrible tasting to me that I was convinced it must not be meant to be consumed.

But, I know others love it. And, well, I was jealous. I wanted to love bleu cheese also!

So every time bleu cheese would come around, on a cheese platter with jam, or in a salad, or in a dip- I would try it. Force it into my mouth slathered in honey or atop a cracker.

I started noticing it got less and less disgusting.

And, as it turns out, last weekend in San Francisco, I actually, thoroughly,  ENJOYED the bleu cheese in my honey glazed pear salad. I was in shock and awe, and utterly excited.

I braved the stink, the mold, the poison.

And, well, if finding love for the delicious pungent-ness that is bleu cheese isn’t fortune, then I don’t know what is! My world has been opened to the complex flavors, the marbled colors, the creamy texture… It’s wonderful!

So, does fortune favor the brave?

In my case of bleu cheese, I say most definitely.

And, if we go so far as to apply my bleu cheese experience to life, well, I think that the same goes. Say YES to adventures. Step OUT of your comfort zone. Get lost, and stop trying to hard to try to figure out where you are. Be brave!

Because in the end, I believe that this is how we find true fortune. In life AND in cheese!

So, thank you, Good Earth tea. For making my thoughts tangent so out of control. It was fun.

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