I Love You, San Francisco

I love you, San Francisco.

I really, really do!

So I was in San Francisco last weekend for the FoodBuzz festival. It was a festival that combined blogging tips, photography seminars, networking, and food. Too much food.

Some highlights:

  • Tyler Florence did a live demonstration- too bad he cooked a heavy meat-based dish. He lost my attention at “pork”.
  • I got to taste tons of cheeses and wines and fruits and biscotti and ice cream and crackers and tapenades and teas…
  • I met some bloggers who I follow daily! I felt like they were celebrities!
  • I finally got to know my camera- and I plan on improving my photography skills. I think it mayyyy help to actually understand what the buttons on my camera do and what they mean. Maybe just a little? 😉
Some pictures:
Maybe the best part of the weekend though was staying at a hostel a friend recommended me. I met so many people from all around the world- we played games, ate good food (a guy from France made homemade caramel! Like, good, homemade caramel to dip french bread into. Just on a Saturday afternoon- what a treat!), we listened to music, we drank some beer, and got lost in translation. A lot. And that made for many laughs 🙂
And on Sunday I explored the city with new friends:

I won this trip for doing THIS post- and I am so happy that I did. It was definitely a weekend to remember, and a reminder to always say YES to new adventures!
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4 Responses to I Love You, San Francisco

  1. hcookieg says:

    lucky:) I worked as usual:)

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