Eenie Meenie and Miney…an Update

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4 Responses to Eenie Meenie and Miney…an Update

  1. Aunt Iris says:

    I love their feathery feet! It looks like they have British spats on. (I think that’s how its spelled). They’re looking sort of like teenagers. When will they be full grown? Do you know what their sexes are yet?

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  3. Aunt Iris says:

    This past weekend, Tom. Mike, Heather and I went up to the Smokey Mountains in TN to a B&B ranch with horses, goats, chickens, etc. I paid close attention to their chicken coop. It seems to be similar to yours. We gathered several eggs. Our hostess showed me the difference between their star laying hen’s eggs and the other eggs – much bigger and browner! Heather (Larson) and I both helped feed the animals – she, at 6:30 am and me at 4:30 pm – go figure! It was really, really cool!

    Love to you both – Aunt Iris

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