my sunday morning

I love me a good Sunday morning. Waking up early while the air is still fresh and getting out while I can still breathe it in. Deeply. It is so peaceful- early morning air. The dew still lingers in the air heavily, not completely evaporated into the day yet. It’s chilly- and I can bundle in a sweatshirt when I leave the house, still sipping my hot coffee.

Of course, when I get to the trail head, it is sunny and I can peel off my sweatshirt. The sun angle’s so sharp- casting long, long shadows. I hike- Cowles Mountain. Views of San Diego- the city, the ocean, the distant mountains- its peaks and valleys.

The new Coldplay album plays.

When she was just a girl- she expected the world- but it flew away from her reach- so she ran away in her sleep- and dreamed of paradise- every time she closed her eyes.

A nice workout under my belt- energy released- Home. Shower. Out to lunch. Reading- writing- wondering what the rest of the day will bring…

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One Response to my sunday morning

  1. those sort of days are the best šŸ™‚

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