How to be a Vegetable Hero…

When I am asked (frequently) “what is your favorite thing to cook?” I always answer, soups.

Why? Well I think I may know one reason. It just may be the perfect solution to one of my biggest peeves in this entire world. Seeing perfectly delicious vegetables go bad- sit there, after spending so much time growing, ripening, surviving—and then not living out their dream. (Yes, vegetables do have dreams! They dream to be cooked and eaten and enjoyed by people who appreciate their efforts! Didn’t you know?)

Soups solve this problem. They make me feel like a Vegetable Hero!

Plus, soups are so easy to make. They allow you to unleash your creativity- experimenting with new spices, herbs, grains, beans, combinations of veggies- broths, milks, creams, cheeses- roux- blending- the possibilities are endless. So- when I see veggies slowly start to fade- I can feel like a hero and transform them into a soup! With ease! Done and done.

Take this beautiful roasted tomato and pepper soup, for instance. Because I have friends who work at farms and markets- I often come home to mounds of veggies huddled together in the basket- or overcrowding the veggie drawer in the fridge. Ut oh. After briefly freaking out the other day (ask my friends- I get quite overwhelmed)- I started chopping. I chopped onions, peppers of all sorts, many varieties of tomatos- garlic and rosemary- all about the same size.  Tossed them with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Roasted at 375 for about 30 minutes. Until tender.I promise you there is no tricks or magic. Making soup is this easy. Throw those veggies into a pot with some water (don’t even measure! Just fill the water until it just covers the veggies. You won’t mess it up, I promise. Remember, you can always add more.)

Blend away.Taste and re season with salt and pepper, if you think it needs it. I ate this soup with lots of feta and some hearty crackers. Comfort soup for these chilly nights.

I’m telling you. Soups make you feel like a hero. And they make you feel healthy. Really healthy. Especially when all you’ve eaten earlier in the day is dark chocolate and Trader Joe’s Os.

Also, soups freeze- very well. So next time instead of watching your veggies shrivel up and looking all sad- Soup em’. And freeze the soup if you don’t think you’ll eat it anytime soon. You’ll thank yourself one night, trust.

Let’s recap: Reasons I love soup…

1. They make me feel like a Vegetable Hero

2. They are easy

3. They let me be very creative

4. They are healthy

5. They store well.

6. They taste SO good

7. They warm you from the inside out.

Did I make my point? Okay, I’m done here. Go make soup. Become a Vegetable Hero!

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3 Responses to How to be a Vegetable Hero…

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  2. I thought I was the only one who did this! I love your idea of roasting the veggies first, didn’t think of that-going to try it. I love your blog.

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