Brown Sugar Cookies N’ Milk

When I was little I didn’t care for chocolate.

Crazy, right?

Brownies? Chocolate cake? Out of the question. But when chocolate chip cookies were around, I’d eat them- but I’d pick out the chocolate chips.

But  I always wondered: Why doesn’t anyone ever make chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips? I mean, that dough is delicious- way different than sugar cookies! Hey, even if you like chocolate, there are times (maybe few) that you want a chocolate-less cookie.

So when I read Joy‘s post the other day for Brown Sugar Cookies, in which she describes them in just this way, I knew I had to make these myself.

I actually made these for a specific reason. There is this other company that works across the hall from me- and they always have chocolate candies in their jar. When 2:30 rolls around, I find myself drifting into their office- pretty much daily.

So- I promised them cookies. To make up for it.

Funny I should make them chocolate-less, right? Is there anything better than a cookie straight out of the oven? Okay, maybe freshly baked bread. Maybe.
Enjoyed dunked in coffee or in cold milk- these cookies are not only deliciously salty-sweet, chewy-buttery…but they are one of the easiest cookie recipes I’ve ever made. If you have anyone in your life- maybe it’s someone who is always helping you out- delivering your mail, mowing your lawn- maybe it’s someone who always makes you feel good- maybe it’s someone you love- or maybe it’s someone you steal chocolate from every day- make them these cookies.

Let’s all pay it forward- and there’s no better way than with homemade baked goods!

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One Response to Brown Sugar Cookies N’ Milk

  1. those look so good! like they would totally melt in your mouth. yummm 🙂

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