Santa Barbara with Carrie!

This post is a bit overdue.

2 weeks ago- Carrie came to visit me- for our now 3rd annual road trip/vacation during this time of year.

Trip 1: Road trip out east

Trip 2: Daniel’s Abodanza Farm- WWOOFing

Trip 3: San Diego- and Santa Barbara too.

I have been busy with my camera- too busy to know or think about the fact that the battery may die. So I don’t have nearly as many pictures as I’d like- but here are some gems.

Heather (my roommate)- her brother lives in Santa Barbara- and he was nice enough to offer up his hand-built tea-house for us to sleep. After knowing I wanted to go camping, but still have time to explore this city- he and Heather both agreed this would be a good option! And it was!

At night we met up with our friends John and Sabina, who we met at Daniel’s last October- for some bacce, wine, and bites to eat.

So good to see them!

The sun set- and we all rendezvoused back at their place for dinner. We had pasta, pesto, salad- and really good conversation. Thanks, John and Sabina (I  know you read my blog sometimes 🙂 )

The next day we explored the beaches and all along the coast, and UCSB. Then we made our long trip home, avoiding LA traffic as best as we could.

Thank you, Carrie, for coming out for our trip!!! Next year, Colorado! (???)

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