French Toast Sticks

From our Rosh Hashana feast we had a whole leftover loaf of challah.

What to do what to do….

And now it’s Saturday morning (Sunday when you’re reading)… so… I think the answer is obvious…

Yep. You guessed it (how’d you do that?)- Challah French Toast.

But, first things first… Coffee. Strong, french pressed coffee. Yes.

Gotta have your priorities straight.

Okay, so- I know everyone has their own way to make french toast. Mine is very basic-

Eggs, milk, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg. Whisked together into a sort of custard.

This is where my french toast turned into sticks. The whole piece of challah wouldn’t fit into the bowl, and I didn’t want to transfer to a bigger bowl- and then I remembered Market Day when we were little- My mom would bring home french toast sticks for my sister and I. Oh wow did we love those. Soaked in Log Cabin (corn) syrup… (Thinking about it now-those must have been so bad for us!)

Anyway- if the bread don’t fit- cut it up!

Let the challah sponge up that custard- give it time. You’ll thank me later.

Meanwhile, get the pan nice and hot, and pour in some oil (I used olive oil)—

Fry away.

I served it with sliced banana and drizzled it in honey. (duh.)

We still have a lot of this left…


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4 Responses to French Toast Sticks

  1. that french toast looks good! you should make challah bread pudding with all the extra 🙂

  2. Kasey says:

    I agree with Haley – Bread pudding! There’s a bakery where I live (Tartine) that makes the most incredible brioche bread pudding with whatever fruit is in season.

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