Rosh Hashana- The Dinner

Gooood morning! Can you believe it’s OCTOBER 1st!? What? When did that happen?!

Well- Happy October, everyone! This is quite possibly my favorite month. I am looking forward to the chillier weather, our chicken eggs to hatch (another teaser.. 🙂 ), a few fun trips that are in the talks, more bon fires, apple and pumpkin picking… just to name a few things!

What about you?

So, I already wrote about the Jewish New Year here

But Thursday night we had some friends over to celebrate the start of the year. We made an incredibly delicious meal- I am always amazed at the food that come out of the kitchen at our “family” dinners.

We started with fresh, locally caught cod. This was the first time I’ve ever had to de-bone my own fish. I used some eyebrow tweezers…

To marinate it, I first drizzled some honey on the cod (of course)….And also squeezed some lemon, added some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Pretty simple.While that was marinating, we got started on an idea for a puree to sit the fish upon. It was a sweet potato, carrot, coconut (kind of curried?) soup- made thicker- like the silkiest, creamiest mashed potatoes you’ve ever seen. Yeah.

So in this pot is cubed sweet potatoes, carrots, garlic, ginger, and coconut milk. Also, curry powder (not much), a TINY pinch of cinnamon, salt, and pepper. You want all the flavors to balance in such a way that you almost can’t even pinpoint what’s in here exactly.

Anyway, bring it to a boil, and simmer it until everything is very tender… The story of most pureed soupsHere is some of the basil from the backyard, that Heather picked- to be used for garnish later… you’ll see…Heather was busy all day following this challah recipe... she did a great job… We braided it and made 2 full loaves- each incorporating our own personal styles…
Meanwhile- I dredged the marinated cod in some flour, and pan fried it in some olive oil. Biggest tip here: Make sure your pan is HOT before you start. Otherwise the fish will absorb too much olive oil!Yeti got to work on leek fritters- Brian’s orders. Brian read on wikipedia or something that they were a typical Rosh Hashana food- so- who are we to argue!?

(haha look someoneee is snatching up a beer!…Heatherrr)The recipe involved chopped leeks, eggs, soaked then squeezed bread, bread crumbs— something like that. They were crab cake-esque sort of process.And- here is the finished challah!- well, one of them! How BEAUTIFUL!? That egg wash gives it a nice gleam, wouldn’t you say? Nothing- and I mean NOTHING is better than fresh bread.

Also, regarding symbolism of food for Rosh Hashana- the round challah is symbolic in that it means the circle of life.Of course, we had apples and honey! For a SWEET new year!The finished main course. A leek fritter and a lemon honey marinated pan fried piece of cod, atop a sweet potato coconut puree. Drizzled with honey–> (you saw that coming, didn’t you!?)

Oh and by the way- fish is also symbolic (usually with the head on it) to symbolize fertility and abundance. So again- from me and the bees- Happy new year- I hope it’s a sweet one!(who can spot the dead bees in there!?)

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  1. Yummy! That challah looks fantastic 🙂

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