L’ Shana Tova

Happy new year 🙂

This year, let’s try to:

Accept new challenges

Meet new friends…Welcome new, unfamiliar things into our lives(and into this world) with an open mind…**teaser for upcoming post and story!**…Always remember that food is love… Consider your food’s source- and take your time enjoying it with good friends…
…Chose happiness…always. 

…Find beauty in everyday life. It will make you smile more.And lastly, take time to RELAX, UNWIND, get AWAY from it all. Reflection cannot be emphasized enough this year. In my mind, reflecting is what allows you to grow, a little more, each day. So- with that said- even if you’re not Jewish- L’Shana Tova. Happy New Year. We can all use a chance to start fresh, to renew some part of us- so take it.

Make this year a sweet one!

(Check this out to see my last year’s reflection post!)

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