Bees and Honey!

Happy Sunday!

Here’s a little story for you- not of the birds and the bees- but of the honey and the bees!

Or in photos…how we got this honey:From these bees! Yes- “our” bees! In our backyard!These bees in our bee box have been busy for years. Working to gather pollen from Point Loma and Ocean Beach. And from our garden too.

We decided to move this bee box the other day- just to another part of the yard. Our neighbor’s request. Unfortunately, that is not as easy as it sounds. Or does it not sound easy, anyway? Yea, maybe not.

Anyhow… We found an awesome “bee lady”, Alissa, who felt confident she could move the box and cause the minmum amount of  harm to the bees themselves.

And the best part of it all? Deconstructing one bee box to make another means… HONEY- lots and lot of fresh HONEY!

Take a look at the process of it all below— this is an accumulation of pictures from the last 3ish weeks…

For the honey collection, we got 5 gallon buckets, and drilled holes in some of them…
And then we lined it with cheesecloth. This is to sift out any dead insects and comb.Here is Alissa! She is showing us how the new box will work- it will be very easy to extract honey without destroying the box again! There are just these little “drawers”, if you will, that the comb will be in, and we just have to pull them out. I think it’ll be a while (a yearish?) until we can do this, though!She got all suited up…Every time she worked on this, she waited until night. The bees calm down then. She also made a little fire because the smoke also calms them down.
It was so much fun. We sat inside our landlords’ kitchen (they live below us) and from behind the screen, we got a whole lesson on bees and honey!

So amazing that they build that.We can now understand the saying, “busy as a bee”! That’s for sure! Bees are an incredible insect. They delegate roles- some go out and pollinate the flowers, and bring that back to the hive. Then there are some bees that stay in the hive and basically it’s a hand off. They take the pollen from the pollinating bees- and digest it through to the comb, as honey! And I beliebe they are the ones wh actually construct the comb…Then, of course, there is the queen bee- who has her own little area- and she is busy just making more bees!

Don’t quote me on any of that. But that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…Here’s a legit description… (edit: I just read this- I’m a bit off- but that’s okay… you get the idea…)There is the deconstructed old box next to the new box. We were hoping the bees would move seamlessly from one to the other- since it is close by. So far, so good. Once they make a new home in that box, we can move the box to it’s new location.Okay fast forward to yesterday- Honey harvest! The comb and honey had been sifting through the cheesecloth and hole-y bucket for a week or 2….Check this out… how beautiful!
Thank you, thank you bees!
We have SO much honey! We are now placing bets on how long it’ll take us to finish this… I bet it goes quick. It is just so good. I have a feeling everything I eat and cook for the next month or 2 (if it lasts that long) will involve honey!Here is the comb and other stuff we were sifting out.
Brian got the job of mashing it all up so that we can even sift more honey out from its little nooks and crannies.Marisa– and all of us- also enjoyed some raw honey comb!Here we all are- the honey harvesters from yesterday! Everyone took a little bit home!More pictures to come, I’m sure- but I just had to share the process so far. Now, excuse me while I go toast some bread so I can slather honey all over it— 🙂 🙂 🙂

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6 Responses to Bees and Honey!

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  2. Joe Weisman says:

    Very cool! Learned a lot about the mechanics of honey harvesting. Do you ever get stung in your back yard where the bees are?

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