Jamie and Jamie do the Laguna Mountains

This weekend Jamie is visiting me from Chicago! After spending some time around the ocean and downtown San Diego- we decided we needed to just get out. Pack up Jerry the Jeep and hit the road for the Laguna Mountains.

Turns out this mountain range is only an hour away. Just one highway, and a short drive up the side of the mountain, and we found ourselves in a beautifully forested area, with unbelievable views of San Diego’s valleys and deserts.

After we set up camp, we went on a little hike- explored the area a bit. Found some funky looking mushrooms- amoungst other things. It felt good to breathe in the fresh mountain air!

After hitting the general store for the basics- Smores stuff. 2 cans of soup. And firewood- we relaxed, read, napped, made dinner— just what we needed.

And then? We parked the car at a lookout point, sat on Jerry, and watched one of the most breathtaking sunsets I’ve seen.

I took so many pictures- of each part of the sunset. The colors became more and more vibrant.

Ah the lighting—

I was having too much fun with my camera.

We made ourselves close our eyes sometimes- and listen to the sounds of the breeze, and the birds. It’s nice to not be able to hear anything BUT those sounds. And then, when we’d reopen our eyes, we would see THIS.

An entire color spectrum- set against the layers of the mountains, fading into the distance. Really- I wish you could have been there. All of you. I was in such awe- my eyes teared up. Yes, I cried a little. Couldn’t help myself.

But the show that Nature put on on this Saturday night was not yet over. When we got back to the campsite- we looked up- the sky was so clear- we were so high up- the stars were so crisp in the sky. We could even see the milky way- the clusters of stars amoungst the more obvious constellations.

We made smores- put out the fire- went to bed- very early! Ahh.

We woke up and saw we had a visitor overnight- atop our camping themed game of Bananagrams. A raccoon, I think? But it looks cool, no?

We went on one last hike before we left in the morning.

Where Jamie was “lucky” enough to literally face her greatest fear- a giant, hissing rattle snake- fang like teeth and all- coiled up- staring her in the face on the trail. Needless to say- we survived- and cut the hike short- turned around- and left the mountains for this trip.

But not without at least ONE picture of us- to mark this fun little outing.

Thanks for visiting Jamie, :).

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One Response to Jamie and Jamie do the Laguna Mountains

  1. jamie says:

    Had such an amazing time weisman – snakes and all – eeek!!

    Can’t wait to come back, miss you already!!

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