Little Shop of Horrors!

It started out by planting these little zucchini plants. How cute they were!After some time, they took off. Once they started, it was a quick growth!Little Shop of Horrors anyone?
Then, they were HUGE- literally taking OVER the garden!

My friend Heather said the biggest problem new gardners have is over-gardening. They don’t realize how big their plants are going to get, and soon…well…this happens.

I love the beautiful orange/yellow squash blossoms that are wide open in the morning, greeting the day…
But they close mid day, to shield themselves form the sun and heat.And the best part of all…
The yield…which is about to be ABUNDANT. So far I have made a few things, like salads (using lettuce from the garden too, and always fresh herbs…)YUM!And this morning, an omelet. Delicious!I’m sure there will be everything from fried zucchini to zucchini bread to stuffed zucchini… zucchini every which way!

This was just the first of my many plants to be ready for harvest. More to come…and soon!

It’s amazing what water and love can do for your plants. Nothing so satisfying as growing your own food!

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