When life gives you bad apples…

Let me start out by saying that this is NOT the season for apples.

I try to buy the organic apples, and they are just mealy- so bad, that I can’t even finish them. And, if you know me at all, that says a lot. I really, really hate to waste food.

That being said, when life gives you bad apples, what do you do? You make applesauce. Definitely beats throwing a whole bag of apples into my compost bin!

Making your own applesauce is very simple. All you do is you cut up the apples into little 1/2” cubes, toss ’em into a pot, add water until it just covers them, and bring it to a boil. After it starts to boil, the fun begins. The apples will start to break down, get softer, mushier. Get in there with a potato masher if you have one, which I don’t- otherwise, a spoon, a fork, a spatula…they all work. Some more efficiently than others.

Either way, after sufficient smashing, you will get a chunky apple sauce.

Wait, you’re telling me you don’t like your applesauce chunky? Oh, okay. Your job is easier. Just wait about 20 minutes after the apples are boiling, stirring once in a while, and throw it all into a blender. Happy now? Oh, and I’d probably peel the apples in this case.

At this point I spice up my sauce. I added a lot of cinnamon, and a pinch of cloves. But really, just do it to taste. We all know cinnamon and apples are a dynamic duo in the food world- but I bet any of those pumpkin pie spices would work nicely.

My applesauce was unsweetened, and I loved it. But feel free to sweeten any way you’d like. Honey, sugar, agave… whatever floats your boat.

This is one of those recipes (or non-recipes) that you just have to try for yourself to realize it’s that easy.

Hey, if you fail, just throw it in the compost bin 😉

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