How to: Spring Rolls

Spring rolls: My favorite thing to make right now. Great to use up leftover veggies. Healthy. Light. A salad you can hold in your hand.

They may seem intimidating to make. But really, they’re easy. I’m gonna show you how to make them right now. Lindsey took these pictures, but just by doing this she learned and was able to do one on her own- and on her first try too. So, I say- go to your local ethnic store and buy some rice papers today- it’s time for you to make spring rolls!

This is what the papers look like:It’s not a great picture- but see they come stacked and in a round plastic container. I bet there are about 25 of them in there. I feel like no matter how many I make I’m not making a dent in the package. And the whole thing is only about $2.

Okay so once you have the papers…

Step 1: Prep your veggies. Use up what you have on hand. I had carrots, cucumber, pepper, green onion, basil, lettuce, avocado, and lettuce.Step 2: Soak the rice paper. Get a big tub of warm water. Dip, lift, rotate, dip, lift rotate, repeat. Get it to the point where it’s not TOO wet, but still is soft enough to roll. Once you lay it down on the cutting board it will continue to soften. They are delicate, and if it’s too soft it will rip.Okay I think one important thing to note is the placement of your veggies. Put them in the middle, and leave room at the sides for rolling. Also, I think it’s important that you start with lettuce or spinach- or something leafy. It acts as a cushion to prevent ripping.
So, leafy green, then I did 2 carrot spears, 2 cucumber spears, 1 slice avocado, basil and green onions sprinkled, some thin sliced bell pepper, and topped with spinach. Again, for cushion.

Remember- start and finish with leafy green.

Okay, so now pick up the end closest to you. Don’t use your nails- just your thumbs.

Gently and quickly fold the back end to touch the area right in front of your veggies.

Use your other fingers to keep the veggies tucked in.
When your thumbs land, press it down.Make a good seal here.Pull back the veggies like so:Then give it a first roll forwards.
After it flips once, use one hand to hold it in place, and use your other hand to fold up one side.Try to make neat folds.Then do the other side.Press it all together, and get read to finish rolling.Pull back to keep it tight!Ta da!Cut on a slant.One swift motion.But really, how beautiful is this!?
Dip.My special sauceReady to try it yourself!?

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