Grilled Pizza

First of all, Happy Father’s Day, Dad 🙂 

I love you and wish I could be home today…

So yesterday, before Lindsey woke up, I made us a light breakfast so we could fuel a bit for our hike.

Some fruit salad with fresh picked mint. I really have been loving putting mint, or sometimes even basil on my fruit. Adds that special somethin’- a subtle burst of freshness.I also put out the muffins I made last night- and brewed some coffee. We enjoyed breakfast outside, then got on our way. I live about 10 minutes away (walking) from Balboa Park. There are some great trails- I’d so much rather do this light hike than a walk on the sidewalk any day. So we just did about an hour and just talked, caught up. After our walk we packed up for the beach. We first stopped at South Beach for a drink and tacos.Margaritas and a view of the water? I’ll take it.I come here with my team after my Tuesday night volleyball games- and the fish tacos are incredible. We couldn’t decide which one we wanted, so we got the mini taco platter.

Mahi, wahoo, grilled shrimp, calimari, and baja. They were all good- but the shrimp was our least favorite. I love the crunch from the purple cabbage- all these toppings, plus hot sauce- are just so good together-they compliment the fish perfectly.We went to the beach, put on some music, and I just fell asleep. It was a beyond perfect day- not too hot to lay out- but not a cloud in the sky. Definitely had one of those I can’t believe I live here moments.When we got home I made some whole wheat pizza dough and prepped some veggies for dinner.I taught Lindsey how to make spring rolls- cause as you can tell I’m obsessed with them lately. I’m going to put up a detailed step by step post how to make them…Then we made grilled pizza! Heather, Lindsey and I each made our own.The topping choices were: Grilled eggplant, grilled peppers…Spinach, heirloom tomato, fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato paste, and basil.
Making pizza on the grill is not only fun, but economical, and it doesn’t require your oven- which in the summer I hate to use. Really heats up the house too much sometimes! Plus, it gives the crust an excellent crunch.
Heather made just simple cheese and tomato paste- I did eggplant, tomato paste, cheese, heirloom tomato, basil, and peppers. Lindsey did spinach, cheese, paste, and eggplant.Look at the bubble that formed on Lindsey’s pizza! YUM!Gooey, cheesy, salty, juicy, fresh… What else could you ask for?
We finished off the night by going out for drinks for Heather’s birthday, which was on Wednesday. I had such a good weekend with Lindsey here- it went by a bit too quickly though.

Come look here tomorrow for a detailed post on making spring rolls!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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