Kind of haphazard, but it worked…

On Thursday after work a few friends came over to make and eat dinner. After collecting some farm fresh ingredients at the North Park Farmers Market, we laid everything out on the backyard pic-nic table, opened some beers, and…well, we sat there. We sat there for over an hour simply watching the food, waiting for the food to cut and cook itself, and hoping it’d be something good.

Turns out, that doesn’t happen. Who knew? After a while I wondered out loud, so are we gonna eat tonight, or what?

To tell the truth, we had no idea what we’d be making or eating that night. I had picked up some rice papers at the ethnic market- so spring rolls were in the plans, but besides that… it was anyone’s guess.

Finally, a few beers deep, we got to cooking, and all that entailed. Cass made a marinade for the tofu. I believe it was a soy tahini sort of sauce, but it was all her creation.
Trish grated some carrots, per our instructions. ūüėČThe radishes looked like little monsters!

Raging Bitch. It’s a great beer.I made the dipping sauce for the soon-to-be spring rolls. It had ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, cilantro, sesame seeds, fresh orange juice…Things came along, slowly but surely.¬†Conversation¬†flowed, the sun set, the grill was fired up…Hiii YAA!!!
We breaded the tahini-soy marinated tofu. First, whole wheat flour. Second, farm fresh eggs. Third, whole wheat panko bradcrumbs and shredded coconut. Skewered with zucchini and peppers.

Jenna did a beautiful job. We grilled her creation…
And I rolled a LOT of spring rolls- with sprouts, cucumber, radish, lettuce from my garden, avocado, shredded carrot…they were delicious. Like a salad you can pick up. I am planning on using these wraps a lot- to use up veggies and to make a light summer meal. Everyone got a spring roll to take home for lunch the next day ūüôā

I think the best thing we did at this meal was determine dipping rules. Why is it that double dipping isn’t discussed amongst dinner with friends? If¬†everyone’s¬†okay with it, well, why not? There was definitely double dipping allowed at this dinner party.

After much contemplation and creative initiative, we successfully created a¬†beyond delicious¬†dinner. Really. After each bite there was a harmonious mmming heard from all of us. We were surprised, yet¬†so¬†pleased with what came together. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of trusting each other…the pieces connected wonderfully.

Last but definitely not least, we dug into the dessert Trish brought over. A heath bar cake with fresh whipped cream. As soon as she brought it out, we were all ready to dig in, forks in hand, determination painted our faces. Heath bar. Cake. Fresh whipped cream. There was no time to wait. But, Zak, the only guy at the table, asked, “so does anyone else want a civilized slice?” Well, it hadn’t crossed our mind to be civilized. But, we obliged, reluctantly.¬†It was as good as it sounded. It all went. And quickly.I’ve really been enjoying these haphazard pot lucks I’ve hosted/attended lately. Instead of everyone bringing a dish, why not bring ingredients and prepare the meal together, intertwining styles and experiences to create an unplanned, unexpected, yet completely delicious meal?! Beer, music, food, friends…and a LOT of LAUGHTER…what could be better?

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