Delicate beauty

Flowers aren’t easy to photograph. They flutter so slightly with the breeze, it’s hard to get a crisp shot. It takes time, patience…you need to feel their movement and understand the breeze.It’s always intriguing, the inner beauty of each flower. If you look within, there’s a lot more to see.Almost like there’s a flower within the flower. No? This one below looks like it’s straight out of a dream…I especially enjoy when tiny flowers cluster, sticking close to each other’s sides.They find strength in numbers, when their individual strengths aren’t enough.wildflowers; they just…are. They greet us year long, blooming on their own, in all their vibrancy- in all their glory. Proud to stand where they stand, lighting up hiking trails, guiding our paths.And how lucky am I to be guided by their delicate beauty- on this Saturday morning hike.

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