Garden Update

Since I started my 9-5 job a few weeks back I have been going a bit overboard on the coffee intake.

(as I sip my coffee)

I have a Starbucks card, so I have been going for “free” coffee every morning before work. A grande coffee please, black, no room? Bold roast? Thank you.

As I was leaving yesterday I noticed a little tin bucket against the counter with a sign reading, “For Your Garden.” Then, what really caught my eye, “FREE”. Obviously, I had to peek inside.

I was so excited! I carried this bag outta the store and home to my garden that evening. I sprinkled some grounds around the garden itself, and poured the rest into the compost bin. My collegue at work said that when she started treating her garden with coffee grounds, her flowers really became vibrant and the colors even shifted due to the change of acidity. I can’t wait to see what this does for my garden…

Speaking of which…first click here and check out what my garden looked like a couple weeks back… and now LOOK below! Things are really going well, and I can’t be prouder. After work I go outside and just stare at my plants. My friend Ari said that’s how things grow. I agree. I put so much love into my plants, and they are responding.

The 4 big plants in a line here are zucchini. In between I started summer squash from seed- see the little guys with only 2 leaves? I love planting from seed ’cause you can’t see them in the ground- and you water anyway- then all the sudden- one day- it starts to poke its bright green arms through the soil. So exciting.

 Above all the way on the right are the tomatoes- I took these pictures so quickly they aren’t so great- but they are HUGE!

And all those plants I had in pots- I transplanted into the ground so they can really spread their roots. The lemon grass is shooting up- and that my neighbor, Tammy, just started in her kitchen from some lemon grass she had bought at a store. Also bwlos is what’s left of the lettuce, some eggplant, bell peppers, habanero, jalepeno…

Speaking of seed, my friend Heather gave me some green bean seeds (beans). See him starting to come up? This will be really fun to watch grow. I’ll make sure to keep you updated.

Until next time…

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