Another Family Dinner at Brian’s

yep… another family dinner @ brian’s.

never fails…always a good time…always delicious food.
we made lettuce wraps…
with butter lettuce, a vegan dill spread, zucchini spears, raddish, sprouts, and chives…everyone helped out…
and drank beer…Jeremy made REALLY good hummus- like some of the best I’ve ever had. There was roasted red pepper and plain. Then there was hummus made with black eyed peas- a jalepeno version and a tarragon version. My favorite was the roasted red pepper- or maybe the jalepeno? It was tough…. I ate a TON of both!I made quince’s rosemary olive oil bread. except I used sage, rosemary, and thyme. So we called it the simon and garfunkel bread šŸ™‚ It was DELICIOUS! But quince’s version definitely LOOKED and tasted better… I need practice.Ā Let me say though, this bread was delicious with the roasted red pepper hummus slathered all over it. MMMMMMMMMM!
Jenna made chocolate cake and Lacey made the frosting for it…which was supposed to be ganache but turned out to be chocolate whipped cream. Hey, I’m NOT complaining… We’ll come back to this later…Haha…The lettuce wraps we made were like a salad you can pick up. Yum!We also whipped up some goat cheese, basil, and onion scape quesadillas. With fresh from the market corn tortillas. Deeeeelicious!Brian made cream of asparagus soup with creme fraiche…ANNND back to the cake… for JENNA’S BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday Jenna šŸ™‚ The cake came out beautifully, even with your lack of measurements and your substitution of baking soda for baking powder. Hey, who needs recipes anyway šŸ˜‰Dinner conversations included a heated discussion on the differences in salts amongst other things. There was a blind salt taste test and input from the chemist of the group. It was really quite interesting.

Now it’s the weekend and I can’t be more excited. I am going surfing (for the first time!) and kayaking on the ocean! Seriously cannot wait!!!

Have a great long weekend! Until next time…

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One Response to Another Family Dinner at Brian’s

  1. Emily says:

    Let me know how you like surfing! It’s harder than you think! Do you have a wet suit? The ocean has been quite cold.

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