Tijuana Estuary

Yesterday Jenna and decided to venture out on a  hike in the Tijuana Estuary. It was truly a beautiful morning- we packed snacks, water, some clothes- put on our hiking boots, and took off.See those mountains? That’s Mexico right there.The trail we were on was really meant for horses, so many times we had to step aside to allow them to pass by. All the colors of the flowers, the grass, the sky—they all mix together so nicely, don’t they?
We hiked for about an hour and a half in search of the beach. Unfortunately, we didn’t find it. I think it was too far. We had to get going because we had to be at Wild Willow farm at 2 to volunteer.

We weeded for about an hour, then we scoped out the grounds in search of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. We picked some fava beans, kale, and broccoli. It was all SO tasty- really makes a difference when things are ripe when you pick them instead of when you eat them. When you buy fruits and vegetables from the grocery store, the fruits and vegetables are ripening still. They weren’t ripe when harvested. So it’s a such a treat when you can really harvest at the peak of ripeness!

After volunteering and snacking a bit, there was a short play (meant for kids) that was pretty cute. But all Jenna and I could think about was how hungry we were…When it was done, the potluck began. At Wild Willow Farm they do this every Saturday- and it is a really cool community event! Very family oriented.All of the food people brought was vegan or vegetarian.And there was SO much of it.We put a little bit of everything on our plates.Fresh, organic fruit and sweet tea…Homemade salsa…Polenta with mushrooms…My plate!This is Kaya, the farm’s goat. She was really cute!It’s nice to see families and kids all come together to eat fresh, honest food. Makes me very happy 🙂We left extremely full- so exhausted- very sore- ready for naps. But not before we got our cupcakes…

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3 Responses to Tijuana Estuary

  1. Emily says:

    This looks amazing! How fun!

  2. Jenna says:

    Yay! Such a great day!

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