bikes, rocks, compost, and potluck dinners

So, I’ll just jump right in:

Here is my new bike! (The blue one) – I bought a water bottle holder and a lock so now I can actually run errands on my bike. Hoping to save some money on gas this way… To add to the garden I started, I made these little rock piles in a few spots. I think it goes well with the balance theme of this blog 🙂Next up: I looked up how to make a compost bin. I really hate to throw away food scraps in the trash, so now we have this convenient bin in the yard. Hopefully in about 3 months I’ll be able to use this great soil! To make this it was really easy. All I did was:

  • Poke holes at the bottom of this bin- used a hammer and a nail.
  • Lined the bottom with newspaper
  • Filled it 2/3 way with soil from the garden
  • Added organic kitchen matter- eggshells, coffee grinds, vegetable and fruit skins and stuff…
  • I just have to give it a stir once every 2 days or so, and it should be good to go!

Last night my friend Brian had a bunch of us over for another vegetarian pot luck dinner. I love going by his house- always so many new people to meet, a lot of food to prepare, good beer and wine to enjoy- and of course, there are always abundant vegetarian dishes. I always leave his house uncomfortably full.

Look at the full moon! (Mom, I know you’ll like this picture 🙂 )Jenna made this whole wheat focaccia with cheese on top. Recently, I learned this recipe for a purple cabbage, apple, and onion slaw type dish. It was SO good (much better than it sounds!), so I made it again for last night.  (The picture is of it only 1/2 way done cooking. It wilts a LOT more. )
We threw together this delicious and HUGE salad with sprouted wheat berries, my newest obsession. There was also a raw beet and carrot salad and a vegetable lentil soup with beet greens and romanesco cauliflower served over cumin scented quinoa. OH, and grilled zucchini. For dessert we made porter floats- like a root beer float, but with beer (porter) instead, and gelato.

Today was a very rainy day here in San Diego- the kind of day that makes you feel so lazy. Blah. On the brighter side, I know that my garden needed the rain. We don’t get enough rain here (for the plants)- and I feel like no matter what I can’t water enough! Today I got a day off 🙂

Time to go watch some Planet Earth with my roommates and relax a bit! I have a reallllly good tofu dish to post for tomorrow…

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