Passover Seder 2011

For Passover this year I almost didn’t do anything. I’m away from my family and none of my good friends are Jewish. I thought I’d celebrate in spirit. But after mentioning this to one of my friends, we got a group of 8 together and did a seder on Wednesday night. A bit late, but better late than never, right?

My job for the seder was to make rolls and potatoes. I made these kosher for passover rolls my Oma used to make.
They turned out really nicely, and I was thinking about my Oma while I was cooking. It’s so magical the way food and aromas can really bring you back to places and people that mean so much to you.

I simply roasted these potatoes with salt, pepper, and olive oil.

In a 450 degree oven- came out soooo crispy! mmm!
All of us took time getting everything together and putting the finishing touches on all of the dishes.

Brian, who hosted the seder, set the table so beautifully!The seder plate: An orange is included as a recent addition to represent women. And the olive? To represent vegetarians! Heather made the charoses- it was sooo good!Brian took on the Brisket. I didn’t eat it, but it looked delicious.And the salad was all fresh, organic produce with wheat berries on top. My most recent obsession.We had some beets and carrots leftover. So the girls got creative.We made this delicious carrot beet tart with walnuts and goat cheese. And parsley. We even made little orange curls to “wrap” the parsley garnish. Unnecessary? Yes. But so what- it was fun!Heather also took on the matzo ball soup- made with chicken fat and REAL stock made from REAL chicken! Not just from the carton… The were organic, fresh carrots and celery in there. Really makes a difference.I must have gotten lazy and didn’t photograph dessert, which was homemade coconut macaroons, fresh whipped cream sweetened with agave, fresh strawberries, and also some kosher cookies. All TOO good. I left uncomfortably full. And all that red wine really made me tired…

I ended up  having such a great, meaningful seder. It was especially fun sharing a seder with friends who weren’t all Jewish, many of which had never been to a seder before! It was cool to talk about all of the traditions of passover and explain them in terms of what was meaningful to me. Everyone does their seder differently, no way is right or wrong- but the way we did the seder this year was just right for us. We read from a non-denominational Hagadah and got to the root of all of the traditions and symbolism. Honestly, I think I understood and took more from the holiday more this year than ever before!

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