Mom and Dad Visit San Diego!

My mom and dad came to visit me in San Diego last week! We had a really good time- despite the fact that I was feeling a bit under the weather all week…

I was so excited for them to come and see my life here- meet my roommates, see my neighborhood, and explore the city.

We went to a bunch of great restaurants around here, and visited a lot of beaches.

Coronado was actually the first place in San Diego I ever came to- back in High School when I came here for spring break with a friend and her family. We stayed here, at the Hotel Del Coronado.

Such a beautiful hotel, and the hotel ¬†grounds are amazing- a little garden, a nice beach…

We just walked up and down the beach path for some time, and spent some time basking in the sun.

It was kind of chilly out- but at least the sun was shining!

^^I love these Birds of Paradise flowers^^

And the best thing about Coronado and other parts of San Diego is there is an air and water show- like all the time.

After Coronado we went over to Pacific Beach- my old stomping grounds.

We had a drink at Lahinas…

It really felt like vacation, especially because Spring Break is in full swing in Pacific Beach, and there was a lot going on!

We walked up Pacific Beach Pier, watched the waves, and felt the pier shake!

It’d be so nice to stay at this hotel- literally right ON the water!

My dad made my roommates, my mom, and I dinner one night. Salmon, sausage and peppers, barley and mushrooms, and asparagus. So good!

And we got some wine from near the farm I was working on- near Amador county!

Of course, we had to begin with cheese and crackers- and some nuts! Yum! I love Dubliner cheese. There was also the remainder of a rosemary asiago wedge from Trader Joe’s. Also, some minced garlic. Seriously, try raw garlic with cheese and crackers. It will change your life. And give you terrible breath. But it’s worth it- raw garlic is SO good for you!

One day we had to check out the seals at La Jolla cove. It’s so cool how they are just hanging out there. We stood and watched a baby seal try to climb up to his mommy at the top of the rock for about a half hour. It was so sweet- they were yelling out to each other- then when the baby finally got there, he started nursing. The funniest thing is how seals move about- they just climb all over each other!

The last morning my parents were here we went to Cafe 222– a delicious restaurant in downtown San Diego. We got 2 types of waffles and some eggs.

The pumpkin waffle was by far my favorite!

And check this out…

The restaurant was featured on “Best thing I ever Ate”, and also I know that the PB french toast (which I intend to create soon at home) was made with Bobby Flay! (Says so on the website).
All in all it was a great week with my parents. I wish it could have been warmer here, but hey, it’s all relative when you’re coming from Chicago!
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