El Take it Easy

Last week my friend Jenna and I went to a new restaurant in North Park for dinner. I love living in North Park. There are so many great restaurants. There is even a whole blog dedicated to the awesome restaurants on 30th!

I snapped pictures on my walk to the restaurant. It was a beautiful night!

All of the electricity boxes (I think that’s what they are!) are painted like so:

Or this:

And I arrived at El Take it Easy.

I loved the ambiance!

And everything on the menu sounded great…

We started with sangrias.

And some water with a sage leaf in it! Makes such a nice, subtle flavor!

I love when restaurants bring out a free appetizer. This was homemade tortilla chips with a plum-peanut-cucumber sauce. Interesting, and so delicious!

Everything is local here.

We ordered shrimp and grit fritters…

So creamy and crisp- not greasy or anything! And the dipping sauce was perfection.

And we split this adobo-root vegetable mole sauce for our meal. Served with homemade tortillas. What a difference the homemade factor makes!

The seating was cool- the outer wall of the restaurant is carved out so one person sits inside and one out.

On the way home we saw some local music going on in a coffee shop- made for a cool photo-op.

MmMmM I loved the food at El Take It Easy. Almost as much as I loved the name 😉

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