Our First Family Dinner

So my roommates and I decided to have “family dinners” whenever possible. We decide on the menu and we all pick up a few things- then we spend time cooking and, of course, eating a delicious meal!

Oh, and there is wine involved…

Last night we roasted vegetables (onions, carrots, asparagus, zucchini, and eggplant), and tossed them in a homemade roasted garlic balsamic dressing. We also picked up some fresh whole wheat spaghetti and cooked that in a homemade marinara sauce…with lots of fresh basil.

Fresh pasta makes all the difference. We got ours from Assenti’s in Little Italy.

I topped my pasta with giardinara, obviously…and parmesan cheese too!

(Lighting is bad- it was night time!)

On a side note, meet my roommate’s cat, Nia. I am obsessed with her.

She wished she could have some pasta too…

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