Pesto Potato Egg Concoction

I had to run 3 miles again yesterday, and I opted to go at sunset. It was a beautiful, beautiful run along the beach. The beach here has a sidewalk/boardwalk thing that you can just run forever on. So many people were out which made the 3 miles go by much faster, and much smoother than my run on Tuesday.

When I got home I was craving something filling and comforting. I had only a few ingredients in my fridge, so here’s what I did…

I started by sauteing some onions, spinach, and roasted peppers (canned- Trader Joe’s)

When they were ready and wilted and caramelized and all that good stuff- I stirred in some jarred basil pesto (Trader Joe’s). Then I simply cracked my eggs on top, covered the pan, and let the whites become-well, white instead of clear.

Meanwhile I had my oven at 400 and roasted some red white and blue potatoes (Trader Joe’s as well).

Simply roasted with salt and pepper. And olive oil.

So when it was all done, I loaded the potatoes in a bowl…

And topped with the egg concoction.

With some sprinkles of cheese and hot sauce– mmm….

Looks like a mess- but the yokes gave it such a great sauce- and the pesto flavor really was the star. Really shows you can make some great, tasty food when you only have a few ingredients on hand!

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