My First Run of Training

This sounds like, who cares, but I haven’t been running- like at all- lately. For that reason, my 3 miles this morning was NOT easy. But I did it, even though I wanted to stop and walk a bunch of times.

This 1/2 marathon is only 8 weeks away- when I trained last time I had 3 months not 2, so this is going to be an expedited training- no room for slacking!

When I got home I made a filling (hopefully) breakfast to last me a while ’til lunch.

That’s 2 sunny side up eggs with a 1/2 piece of swiss cheese on top, and 2 slices of Ezekiel bread toasted and spread with tomato paste. I love spreading tomato paste on toast- it reminds me of pizza and has such a deep flavor.

I had this orange picked from my back yard on the side and packed my lunch for work… I am preparing for how much my appetite increases when I run! I’m kinda excited tho to tell the truth… One of the best parts of training is that you can eat sooo much 🙂

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