Skillet Potatoes with Eggs

My new job has me working at 6:30 am. It is rare I get to sit and enjoy breakfast in the morning anymore- enjoy making AND eating it that is…

So this morning, a day off, I decided to make something good. I had 2 eggs from the farmers’ market last week to use up, as well as three red potatoes and a shallot…

It was pretty obvious what I was gonna make…Skillet Potatoes and Eggs!

I used tons of hot sauce and added some salsa and flat leaf parsley at the end. And a slice of toasty wheat bread.

I started by cubing the potatoes. I made the cubes small so they’d cook faster! I added a shallot, some olive oil, and salt, and started cooking over a medium flame.

Once cooking, I added hot sauce. A lot of it.

I made an egg, over easy, and placed it all in a bowl. I think everything should be eaten out of a bowl 🙂

I have had these clementines in my fridge for like two weeks now, and they have so many seeds that I hated eating them. So I decided to make some juice. When life gives you clementines…

Not only was this breakfast so satisfying and pretty healthy too, but it makes for a supurb hangover meal 😉

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