Tie Dye

Sometimes I like to over-saturate my pictures for a tie-dye effect…

Just brings out the already tie-dye ish looking sky. Beautiful, isn’t it? These were taken at La Jolla cove again, after a rainy weekend on Sunday night.

Mirroring that theme, there’s also tie dye that we can find naturally in fresh produce, like these beets.

I just roasted those like I did way back when… Wow my blog has changed quite a bit! Fresh roasted beets are so tasty- if you think you don’t like beets, you need to try roasting them fresh. Makes such a difference, really, especially compared to canned beets. Not too fond of those…

I not only used the beets, but also sauteed the beet greens with some garlic, parsley, and squeezed the juice of a clementine on them. These were SO good. Clementines are amazing right now. It’s the season for citrus, finally!

I went to the store to buy a whole wheat baguette and an heirloom tomato. I caramelized some onions then made a sandwich…

I also made some homemade hummus, more on that tomorrow though…

What a combination!

This was all for dinner Sunday night- and then when Monday rolled around, I had the same thing but also hard boiled an egg and sliced that onto the sandwich-then added hot sauce :). Once you do the hard, time consuming part of the cooking once, making delicious, healthy meals for a few meals after is very easy! It’s something I am learning to do when cooking for one, keeping a budget in mind, yet still trying to eat fresh and organic when possible.

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3 Responses to Tie Dye

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