Canvas Painting For My New Room

Besides looking at, I also frequent at It gives me inspiration for craft ideas that I’ve never had use for…until now.

First up…a canvas painting for my new room!

So I stopped at Michael’s this morning and picked up a few items.

I was going to draw a tree out with branches and such, and as I went to sketch it first in my journal, I had another idea…

The design on my journal caught my eye, so I sketched a rough version of it onto the canvas. Then I got to painting. Slowly and carefully…

I love how the acrylic paint goes on so thick, and that the brush strokes stay in tact. The texture is realistic for stems, leaves, and flower petals.

Now just waiting on it to dry…but SO happy with how it turned out! Then above my bed it goes…

OR BUY IT FROM ME ON ETSY! edit 3/28/11

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2 Responses to Canvas Painting For My New Room

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