Pacific Beach Farmers’ Market

It’s a rainy day here in San Diego. It’s making me move veerryyyy slowly this morning. Well, I guess it’s 12:30 now, not really morning anymore…see what I mean?

When I finally got myself dressed and out of the house, I headed to the Pacific Beach farmers’ market.

There wasn’t a big turnout, probably because of the rain. But the produce here is so beautiful, I’m excited to make this a regular Saturday morning event!

The lady behind one of the stands told me, “everything here was picked last night”. And it’s all 100% certified organic. Awesome.

One of the many benefits with buying your produce at a market like this one is that the produce is picked at the peak of ripeness. Not like at the supermarket, where they have to pick it before it ripens so that it doesn’t get damaged during transport, or so that it’s not over-ripe by the time it gets to you.

It really makes a difference in taste! The guy behind this strawberry stand warned me about the intense sweetness of these strawberries. He joked that the girl before me bit into one and got a cavity. Ha ha, very funny…

I miss being on the other side of the stands!

Today I bought a few things- some parsley for a hummus I want to make, a basket of sweet strawberries (I was sold after one bite), some golden beets, and one persimmon…

Persimmons are my favorite fruit of the season. Probably because I’ve never had one until coming out to California so they’re still new to me…but they’re SO sweet and delicious. There are 2 general types, Fuyu and Hachiya. Fuyu are smaller and can be eaten when not fully ripe. I actually have a Fuyu persimmon tree right outside my bedroom window-like literally I can reach my hand out and pick one no problem. Love that! Hachiya persimmons, on the other hand, aren’t even edible until completely ripe and very mushy. They have a pudding like consistency- or so I’m told. Haven’t tried a Hachiya one yet… I can’t wait ’til the one I bought gets ripe! The lady at the market gave me a recipe to try out, so I may just do that…

I probably would have bought some swiss chard or kale, but I still have some spinach in the fridge…

But I have some plans for the golden beets I bought… Really craving those right about now…

After the market I had some errands to run, and I was gonna stop for some coffee when I spotted this tiny drive through coffee place. Can you tell how small this place is?

It’s like the size of a toll booth! The coffee is organic and was so good. Glad I came across this little gem…

Isn’t it funny how weather has such an effect on mood? I have a lot of things to do, including a bunch of craft projects in mind to decorate my room…if only I could peel myself off of this couch… ho hum…

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