Sunday Morning Reflections: Cycle of Change

Hi everyone, it’s Sunday morning- my favorite time of the week. I feel like Sunday mornings demand relaxation. It’s one time I don’t need to feel guilty about sitting and doing nothing but sipping coffee for a few hours. I reject the contacts and keep my glasses on. I relax, read, reflect a bit on the past week. It’s not just me either: I can feel it in the air around me. Everyone looks a bit…cozier if you will. A less tight jeans and more baggy sweatpants type of change. It’s nice.


I was reading an article this week and have been thinking about it ever since. Mostly this part:

There is a simple rule of life that I’ve never found a way around – and that is you must plant seeds and work the field before you’re able to harvest. It takes a long time to “build stuff you’re proud of”, but I am learning that the ride is actually more fun than the destination…So, the takeaway? Get the short-term quick-hit out of your mind and prepare to keep running.

When I was farming I had a thought about this. As I mentioned here, farming is not a good place to practice instant gratification. Like the article states, you must plant your seeds before you can harvest. And sometimes planting those seeds occurs five or six months, even longer before you get to enjoy the “fruits of your labor”. And during that time, you must care for the seeds; water them, weed them, prune them… And finally, after waiting so long, you can harvest your produce and taste your efforts. The better care you take of your seeds, the better success you will have. Endurance is key.

And that goes for life too.

But I had this other thought. About planting a new seed every day. Then what would happen? Okay, let’s flee from the farming reference for a second. If you do something good, something new every day, something that may not make a change tomorrow, but may make a difference a week, a month, or maybe even years down the road. Then what? After some time, you will start seeing results on a daily basis. No more waiting. You begin “planting seeds” on the same day you “harvest” other “seeds”. The waiting process is eliminated, and a gratifying cycle has begun. A cycle of change.

If we reach out and help one person, one cause each day, maybe one day we will start seeing change more continuously. More consistently. And maybe if we are striving for some bigger goal in our own futures, planting little “seeds” every day will begin to show themselves in big ways, one day. Sometimes it seems intimidating and almost worthless to plant these little seeds every day. What’s this one small seed going to do anyway, right? Wrong. Small seeds grow up to be big, tall trees. Sturdier by the day.

So next time we get intimidated and wonder whether it is worth it or not, we should plant the seed. Just do it. And then plant another one tomorrow. And another the next day. Soon we will have grown something we’re very proud of, something we did little by little and cared for along the way. Something we can call our own. We have created our own cycle of change, reaping benefits daily, but never stopping with those seeds…

Big change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an endurance game. Take what you will from these thoughts- but if we all apply the concept in our own ways, we’re in for good things in our future.

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