Lots Of Catching Up To Do

I am so sorry I haven’t been posting. It’s been a long week with not such great internet. I’m gonna make this a simple catch-up post with mostly photography. Hopefully I’ll be back to regular blogging very soon 🙂 I definitely have some recipes for you!!!

Let’s take it back to Halloween- Happy belated halloween!!!

Quince did this pumpkin…

It’s a whole lot better than the one that Daniel and I took turns doing…

It’s a pretty ugly pumpkin. The red sharpie lipstick was to cover up for some errors in cutting. I think it made it worse.

Looks okay in the dark though 🙂

And what’s halloween- or fall for that matter- without roasting some pumpkin seeds!

I harvested some lavender and made an air freshener for my Jeep 🙂 mmmmm I love how it relaxes you just by smelling it!

Just some wood…

And how to dry walnuts

A little box of goodies for Lucas ’cause I was going to see him in LA!

A good quesadilla meal I had in LA at Cha Cha Chicken.

Us getting ready for Halloween 🙂

And a ton of Venice Beach pictures…it’s quite the scene there….Especially on Halloween!

These hats are all the rage in LA right now…

And I kind of want one.


Look closely…


Sometimes it was hard to tell what was there for Halloween and what was there on any ol’ day…

Helicopters and birds…

…All over the place…

We rented bikes and rode from Santa Monica to Venice Beach. So pretty and so fun!

This little girl chose a different means of transportation…

Onto farm #2: Paradise Green

Some food I made there… Vegetarian Posole Soup…

A fruit plate with each meal…

A vegetable and potato frittata. – Gotta get you this recipe asap!

Some beautiful bamboo…

And that’s it for now! Be back soon!

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One Response to Lots Of Catching Up To Do

  1. Quince says:

    Hey Nice compare and contrast pictures of the pumpkins, you give me to much credit on the carving, yours was creative and very funny. Nice pics of L.A never new myself on those hats. Looks like your having a nice time. Take care

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