Taking a Concrete Step

In life we take many steps to reach our full potential. Each person has a different potential, and we all take different steps to get there.

Sometimes those steps are big steps- steps that will forever be remembered- milestones if you will.

And sometimes the steps are so small, so subtle, that you hardly realize you’ve climbed at all!

Some steps are easy to climb, and require little effort.

While some steps are so big, and so intimidating, that you may need to build yourself a mini step to help along the way.

We all design our steps in unique ways.

Some plan more than others, some like to take a leap of faith and go for it.

But whatever kind of step you decide to create to help you get one step closer to reaching your goal…

You need to make sure it’s sturdy and can handle any sort of storms that may come your way.

The most important thing of all though…

Is that you take your time and enjoy the step you’re standing on NOW.

Because who knows when we will reach the top step, and achieve our full potential!?
And many of us won’t even know when we are there!
Each step is equally important in the end…
So take pride in your strides- have fun and be creative along the way- don’t wait ’til the top!
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2 Responses to Taking a Concrete Step

  1. Sally Freskos says:


    Love your blogs! You inspire me everday!!

    Auntie Sally

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