San Francisco Take 2

Last weekend I spent in San Francisco, mostly because I had to drop Carrie off at the airport (so sad!) but also because I wanted to visit Lindsey and explore the city!

Carrie and my first stop was at a restaurant called Greens. We were recommended this place by a few different people. It was right near the marina.

It’s all organic produce, and all vegetarian. My kind of place!

Carrie got the eggplant parmesan sandwich.

And I got the sample platter…

Which had hummus, pita, a farro salad with cherry tomatoes, a cucumber yogurt salad (I believe there was anise in there too), some beans, olives, and this amazing tomato jam that I just HAD to recreate (more on that on a separate post).

We then walked around a bit and went to a park to read. I finished the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I LOVED IT! What a surprise ending! I really recommend it, not that you need my recommendation considering every person is reading it right now 😉

I love San Francisco. It’s very liberal, so diverse—and so many great restaurants! I went for a long run there- which I haven’t done in WAY too long, and really got to know the city.

There were a lot of cool signs and messages around the city.

“Choose Happiness”. Love it.

We of course had to visit the infamous corner of Haight and Ashbury.

Great people watching there for sure.

After Carrie left, Lindsey and I took a long walk near the marina. She showed me the Golden Gate Bridge, the Full House house, Lombard- which is the curviest road since it’s SO steep-, and some other streets and things she thought I should see.

I told her that she is SO lucky to live here- It’s such a great city!

And now I’m back in Plymouth, farming, and missing Carrie!!! 😦

Lots to do today- better get started—more later—

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