And me? I’m the vegetarian archer.

It’s official: Carrie has mastered the art of tractor driving.

She was ready to hit the road.

So there we were, Carrie driving the tractor down the road slowly, and me trailing behind her in the pick-up with my blinkers on, signaling to the cars behind if it was safe to pass or not.

It was pretty funny I couldn’t stop laughing at us.

When we got through the gates, the cows were actually around for once. And they swarmed us, mooing at us nonstop. It was pretty scary actually at first, but again, hilarious. Daniel made us feel like it was completely safe, so we just went with it.

We started naming them, and talking to them. Yes, we are now best friends with cattle.

Meet Shirley:

Hiiii Shirley!

It got a little frightening when there was also a single bull eyeing us from behind the tree. I made sure to stay on the other side of the truck, as if that would actually help if the bull came charging at me.

I think I have irrational fears of animals. Daniel told us that there was a rattle snake inside his house earlier this summer, and I automatically assumed that a rattle snake was a type of snake that could swallow you whole. So I have been checking my surroundings compulsively, worried about getting eaten alive by a rattle snake. Thank god Quince set me straight and told me that a bite would simply make my leg go numb and I’d hallucinate a bit. Now, where can I find me a rattle snake…? ūüėČ

Okay okay, so while the cows were swarming us, we somehow managed to turn cow manure collecting into a sport, flinging the pies from afar into the pick up.

And that was at the exact moment when I nailed the side of Daniel’s truck, the stain is still there.

After all that hard work, loading up the tractor AND the truck, and tailgating back to the house, Carrie and I got together a lunch for all of us.

Carrie went back to her room (in Daniel’s photography studio, since she is allergic to cats and the cats tend to hang out on my bed, and are partial to my pillow…this would make her eyes puff shut…). Her room should be more accurately be called the jungle. She found a humming bird in it, and later on found it dead on the floor.

So sad!!! Later that night, we walked in and I said, “Carrie, we should put a sign up here that says, Welcome to the Jungle. “As we went into a CCR medley of “Run Through the Jungle”¬†were immediately bombarded by 2 bats flying around crazily! We ran out of there, making Quince come solve the problem. Of course when he arrived they had already flown out. And we became the girls who cried bat (bird, bee, and beetle…)

We had some downtime after lunch, considering it’s over 100 degrees, sunny, and very hard to do any work without passing out. Quince taught us how to shoot a bow and arrow.

I refuse to shoot any animals, even if I do see a squirrel strolling by. Instead, I will shoot down melons, squash, and tomatoes. They’ll call me the vegetarian archer.

Carrie got to work on making some clay.

Being the¬†meticulous perfectionist she is, she didn’t want to make anything without first straining it. Quince and I had another idea though…

A winter wonderland.

Dinner was quite the production. And so much fun. There were 7 of us in the kitchen (Daniel, Quince, Carrie, me, John, Sabina, and Betty). We all took charge of a different dish, drank some wine, and conquered a delicious and very authentic Mexican dinner.

Afterwords, we relaxed and listened to John play the guitar and sing.

When I went to get into bed, I found Lulu snuggled up.

Classic Lulu.

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