The Other Side

Good morning!

Here’s what’s been going on at the farm:

A few nights ago Carrie and I really took advantage of the fresh produce from out back. We figured we’d make a sort of a ratatouille.

I started with a tomato sauce with these bright orange cherry tomatoes, and also some other tomatoes as well.

While Carrie chopped eggplant, squash, and zucchini into coins.

I sauteed some garlic and onions, then added some tomato paste.

I added some chopped tomatoes and those cherry tomatoes whole, and mashed them once they started heating up. I added basil and rosemary. It smelled great!

We poured the tomato sauce over the vegetables…

And baked it at 350 for about 30 minutes. We actually had to pour off some liquid, but no worries. It was great for bread dunking!

Meanwhile, Quince grilled us some salmon using smoked almond wood and apple wood. And rosemary. The flavors really came through in the fish!

After dinner I was extremely exhausted especially knowing we’d have to be up early the next day to pick for the farmers’ market!

We gathered fruits and vegetables from both Daniel’s farm and also his Uncle Armenio’s down the road.

We picked such a variety of things…

I have to hook up Carrie’s camera because she had it with us while we were climbing trees to pick apples!

Something I found very interesting was how many of these little frogs there are around some of the plant beds. I guess since frogs are amphibians and can be in both wet and dry environments, they’re a good indicator of how healthy the atmosphere is for the plants… (I need to explain this further…I forget right now.)

Anyway, after we had our produce picked, we spent some time organizing and planning for the market. Making sure we had enough containers, tables, bags, baskets, etc.

Then we loaded up the truck…

…And hit the road!

The market was in a cute little venue in downtown Plymouth.

With 3 of us working together it took very little time to get everything put together and looking presentable.

Do you see now why this farm is named Abbodanza?

I love that 🙂 Great mission statement!

I took a bunch of pictures of what we were offering, but here are just a few…

Some green apples…

And some cool heirloom melons…

By far, the fresh figs sold the best- no surprise there!

And Daniel saves little used wine bottles and places flowers in them to sell.

The solution the flowers sit in is a mixture of warm water (helps the liquid seep into the stem better than cold), vinegar, bleach, and sugar. Plants need sugars and acid to remain vibrant!

Like everything else in Plymouth, there was wine served!

Carrie and I both favorited the Syrah.

It was really fun being on the other side of the farmers’ market!

When we got home we were quite hungry. Daniel, Carrie, and I each made a different part of the meal.

I made the salad with toasted pumpkin seeds.

And of course some of the vegetables from the farmers’ market that did not sell.

And Carrie made stuffed tomatoes with rice, leeks, peppers, garlic…They were so good!!!!

They look like they have little hats!

Daniel made some chicken but my picture didn’t come out so well. (Sorry Daniel!) It smelled so great though, he sauteed garlic, red onion, and a bunch of herbs in some olive oil, added white wine, and let the chicken soak that up. Then he added green peppers and placed it all under the broiler (it was done in a cast iron skillet).

We also did a little taste test of butternut vs. delicata (?) squash.

The table, as always, was packed with wine and good food!

As usual, I was very tired and turned in. But we had a bunch of basil we had cut and not used, so Carrie, Quince, and Daniel stayed up making pesto by the moonlight, and titled it accordingly.

Yesterday we worked on the vineyard all day, spraying any mildew with some whey protein (the biodynamic way). Carrie and I did this with our iPods on and just enjoyed the process. We then took a trip to Sacramento to the Co-Op to do some grocery shopping, and spent some time in town. For dinner we went to Daniel’s friend’s where she had made an impromptu pasta sauce from her garden (which included tons of eggplant YUM), and she served that over some ravioli. She had also made a tilapia pear appetizer along with a dip made from goat cheese mixed with fresh  herbs. Dessert was more pears and some apples with blue cheese. Of course we mopped up any sauce with delicious whole grain bread, and drank a lot of wine! Good times, good company—we’re loving this lifestyle! 🙂

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