A bit on wine grapes

As I mentioned, when we are hungry we simply walk over to a tree and pick some fruit. Right now, Carrie and I are addicted to pear and cherry tomatoes.

And figs.

After a large breakfast of steel cut oats with blueberries, Carrie and I weeded Lavender plants. We had a tool that helped us loosen up the soil and uproot the weeds. It stared out chilly, so we had some layers on. By the time we were done, it was hot out and we were down to just a layer. It was so relaxing getting our hands dirty (literally) while hovering over the lavender plants, which have the natural ability to calm.

After doing that, we made our way to Daniel’s friend’s vineyard. We learned the first little bits about wine grapes. You see, it has been a cooler late-summer, and so the grapes aren’t drying out like usual. So we need to go help thin the leaves to that more sun can get to the grapes so they can dry out more, so they don’t collect any mildew.

The vineyard was gorgeous.

There were both white grapes…

And red…

But as I mentioned, some were getting a bit mildew-y…but it’s nothing that some Whey can’t fix!

Taste tests were necessary, and requested by both Carrie and I 🙂

Daniel knows his wine grapes!

After the vineyard, we made our way to visit some wine caves. Daniel just finished publishing an entire book on wine caves, and this one is just being constructed here down the road. Very, very cool. Daniel explained that wine in barrels naturally evaporates as it ages. This is due to some heat. Wine likes to be at around 68 degrees. Naturally, an underground wine cave stays between 68 and 70 degrees. Perfect. Less evaporation=less wasting of wine.

The cave was awesome. And it was in its construction phase still.

And the view? Spectacular.

After visiting the cave, we went to pick for the farmers’ market that is tomorrow.

I’m sure you can sense my excitement, especially since I LOVE farmers’ markets! I finally get to be on the other end of it!!!

We picked fresh figs (and sampled a ton!)

And some Asian pears. YUM!

The funny thing is that I didn’t really love either of those 2 things prior to this farm- I think picking it straight off the tree makes a HUGE difference!

We also picked apples, grapes, and plums (1/2 of which we are planning on turning into prunes). We sampled EVERYTHING! 🙂

We will pick the rest soon as the farmers’ market is this afternoon (Thursday).

We had another great dinner- more on that later though. And tons more wine (which is to blame if any of these last 2 posts make no sense ;))

Some words to end on? Find your energy and let it guide you…

And find balance in that 🙂

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