Okay I have internet- Slow but it does work.

Anyway, Carrie and I having an incredible time on abbodanza (which means abundance in Italian, by the way) farm here in Plymouth, Ca. Let me explain…

We left San Francisco on Tuesday morning, but not after visiting the much hyped up Fisherman’s Wharf.

As the next picture depicts, what a bore!

We hit the road, anxious, excited, but a bit nervous about what we were about to step into.

We kept up our routine of photographing street signs with food related words.


And we finally arrived— only 3 hours later, and a very easy drive I must say!

Daniel is the owner of the farm. It is a ranch in wine country, and his family had the first vinyard in this area. Needless to say, Daniel is incredibly knowledgable on not only agriculture, but on wines as well. As we were driving, we passed countless vineyards, and we kept asking ourselves, Is this real life?!

Daniel practices the biodynamics method of farming. And even though we have only been here 2 days, I feel like I have learned a whole year’s worth on this subject. It is so interesting, and I am loving every minute of it.

One of our first jobs (which we now refer to jokingly as initiation) was to shovel some cow manure (aka GOLD to Daniel) into a truck. This will formed into rows on his land and will help grow beautiful produce. You see? Cow manure is better than other kinds, as Daniel explained, because cows have 4 stomachs. So there are tons of living enzymes in the manure. And that helps plants grow very, very nicely.

It obviously sounds gross and stuff, but I promise it wasn’t bad. We rode in Daniel’s pick-up truck up a few driveways to his friend’s farm, where there are plenty of cows. And where there are cows, there is cow poop. And cow manure=gold. I now know why they are called cow patties. They are dry and flat, and you can stack them like pancakes (ewe) onto a shovel. We filled a whole truck, ready to bring back to the farm.

Haha. Can you tell I’m already melding into the culture here?! 😉 Our next step was to learn to operate a small tractor. Next time we journey down the road to collect maneour, we are bring 2 vehicles. Carrie went first. It is like driving stick shift, so we are told, but god knows I have never driven stick!

But it was SO much fun and I can’t wait to do it again!

We then had to water some basil. Daniel dug us some carrots for a snack. See? When we are hungry, we just walk around and pick a piece of fruit the best fruit I’ve tasted EVER! There are tomatoes, fresh walnuts (I crack ’em with a hammer) basil, fresh figs (my favorite right now omg!), peppers, lavender…. Oh. My. God. It is heaven.

After a hard day’s work, it was time to prepare dinner. Daniel’s son Quince just had to make his famous pesto for us. Lucky for Carrie’s nut allergy, it was nut free.

We made some spaghetti…

And put the pesto over that…

Snacked on cheese and crackers…

And some walnuts that I cracked…

And a FRESH from the farm salad…

(Do you have flowers in your yard??? (achem mom and dad)… BRING THOSE FLOWERS INSIDE AND PUT THEM IN LITTLE GLASSES AROUND THE HOSUE! Oh how it brightens rooms up, and also garnish your dinners with some! It is so nice to see flowers in your rooms!

Dinner was served outside.

And we ate until the sunset. And drank incredible local wine. Wow.

As we were doing dishes, Daniel came in and rushed us out back. We were wondering what was going on, but he turned is around, and said, “well, say goodbye to summer.” This was the last night of summer, as the equinox occurred. So, this night was it. I was a bit emotional about it, watching the sun set into the dark, recalling my good nights of the summer, and appreciating fully where I was at during that moment. So happy, so peaceful, so ready for fall to officially begin.

We woke up this morning to watch the sun rise. So that we could mark where exactly it lined up.

Daniel is all about the movement of the earth and how it affects us.


The rest of today was non-stop. We went to a vineyard, a wine cave, picked for the farmers’ market, and more. I’ll post in the morning.

One quote from Daniel though first… “You make your own reality.” Yup. Think about that…

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2 Responses to Initiation

  1. Matt says:

    Continued awesome.

    That pesto looked really good!

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