…And it begins…

We made it to San Fran today, got my Jeep, and made our way to Lindsey’s. It was quite the journey.

The flight went by fast. I had downloaded the 1st season of Six Feet Under. So by the time I watched 4 episodes, we were there! I snacked on my granola while watching 🙂

PS I finally got a picture submitted at www.foodgawker.com! (For my granola.) The 26th try is a charm 😉 …check it out!

When I saw mountains out the window, I knew we were almost there.

We had to wait a while for my car to be delivered- it’s strange and amazing to have my car here in California.

We typed the address we had to go to into my navi and set out. We put on America by Simon and Garfunkel, and made a genius play list off that song. So cliche, I know ;).

Carrie and I decided we’re gonna start taking pictures of any food-related sign throughout this trip…

After 30ish minutes of driving, we realized the navi had failed us. We had crossed a whole bridge we shouldn’t have crossed, and had to turn around.

It wasn’t all bad. We turned around and just enjoyed the views. It was so nice out, and so far San Francisco is beautiful!

Carrie took all these pics by the way. I was being a responsible driver, of course 🙂

The sun started setting…

And the mountains and bridges became silhouettes.

And this little lady bug showed up on my dash board.

And then we went to a bar, got a San Francisco beer called Anchor Steam. And then some Mexican food. Because every single restaurant is a Mexican restaurant around here. YUM!

And now we’re sitting here, stuffed of enchiladas and burritos, watching TV with Lindsey. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow- I’ll keep you updated—keep your fingers crossed for a good internet connection!

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2 Responses to …And it begins…

  1. KG says:

    Glad to see you made it there in one piece! Looks like you’re off to a pretty fun start! Take care!!

  2. Matt says:

    Oh Hey Girlfriend! So pumped for you and so excited about your journey. I want to chat soon.

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