Muted Beach Day

Yesterday the weather, in my opinion, could not be beat. It was cool, cloudy, windy, muted. I couldn’t wait to grab a hoodie and a scarf and head out on a day…

I got some errands out of the way in the morning and was about to take a nap (was in a semi cookie coma) when Erin asked me to come to the beach with her and her dogs. I almost said no- my eyes were about to shut!- but I’m so happy I didn’t. I grabbed my camera and went to meet her.

I cannot express in words how beautiful this day was down at the beach…

…So I took a million pictures to show you!

Between the muted colors, the fallen leaves, and the huge waves, it was breathtaking.

I have never seen anyone as obsessed with their dog as Erin is with her Polly.

She is a Mastif- and she is gigantic. It took me a while to warm up to her, but (besides her drooling) she really is a cute dog!

When Erin would take off running, the dogs would follow…

But they would not follow me…

But I ran around anyway 🙂

And we played with the typical jumping-by-the-waves picture.

Polly is so cute!!! You can’t pet a dog that big, you have to almost hit them instead. She is one solid muscle.

It was so windy out my hair kept getting in the way of pictures!

But I think I got some good ones anyway.

We kept saying how lucky we are to live so close to a beach!

This specific beach we went to was a dog beach, and is only a block from Erin’s house. She brings her dogs here all the time! How nice is that!?

Of course when you take your dogs down to the beach you have to clean ’em off afterwords…

( I just couldn’t stop snapping pictures!)

One last run around the grass to dry off the dogs!

Erin and I declared the day perfect for running, so we dropped her dogs off at home, put on gym shoes, and took off. To a different beach. And did some hills. It was realllly hard but felt so good and refreshing.

These days don’t come around so often- I’m so glad we took advantage- sure beats a nap on the couch!

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