Happy 25th Anniversary, Mom and Dad

Yesterday was my parents’ 25th anniversary. To celebrate, we went to Roys- it was kinda a going-away dinner for me mixed with their anniversary celebration.

They stuck this in the menu:

Hey! They forgot to mention my going away! 😉

Roys is sooo good. We first went in Hawaii, and once more here in Chicago a longgg time ago. I had been wanting to come back ever since!

I got this salmon with cous cous:

My mom got these prawns with gnochi.

My parents’ friends were with us too (yes, I crashed a double date)…

Linda got this ono with coconut rice…

My dad got a trio, which included the butterfish. BUTTERFISH IS SO AMAZING. The last time I was here I got that, and I should have stuck with my gut. It is so flaky and melt- in-your-mouth, like buttah 😉 I didn’t get it because it didn’t come with a side. And I wanted a side. But after tasting his, I realized why it didn’t come with one…It’s THAT good.

Lastly, Mickey got Mahi Mahi.

Everyone really enjoyed their meal. I of course would always rather eat at home, but that’s a different story… It was good nonetheless, but I’m convinced that my dad can makesalmon better than Roy can. And I’m sticking to that.

For dessert we ordered the 2 items that you need to order before dinner arrives so that there is time to cook ’em.

Chocolate molten cake (obviously)

And some sort of pineapple upside down cake? I dunno. It was good whatever it was! And it came with coconut ice cream!

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Cheers to 25 more…

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